Sunday, February 28, 2010

Going for Gold! Canada vs USA

Can the boys do it? We think Yes!!!
Judging by the pre-opening lineups on Friday afternoon you'll have to arrive early to get a seat to watch the game.
Doors at 11am - Game at high noon!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canada v Russia

Wow! What an amazing atmosphere it's been during the Olympic hockey games! People have been out in force at The Cascade Room cheering on the Canadian boys. Tonight they front up against those pesky Russians

Think they can win? Come and watch the game on ourbig screen, but better get there early if you want to get in!

Doors at 4pm on game nights.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Canada v USA at The Cascade Room

While it wasn't the result we were hoping for it was still a great night Sunday as Canada took on the USA in the final preliminary round of the Olympics Men's Hockey.

Booths and tables filled quickly as people crammed in to cheer on the Canadians (along with a few dodgy Americans).

However a dream win against the USA was not to be, with the Canadians coming up short 3-5 and now sets up a sudden-death matchup against the Germans tomorrow night.

Think Canada can bounce back? We'll be back on board tomorrow night, so come on down and cheer them on!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bob sledding at Cascade

The sport of bob sledding takes on a whole new meaning at The Cascade Room throughout the Olympics with barman Nick Devine having created an array of shots which sit nicely together on our 'homemade' sleds.
So come on down and support your favourite team, whether it be the vodka with a lemon twist Russians or the Pimm's led British team - pick your sled, jump on and hang on for the ride!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Go Canada!

Don't have a ticket to tonight's Opening Ceremonies? Neither do we! Then again, you don't need a ticket to enjoy the party at Cascade. Come and join us from 4pm to watch all the festivities.
Let the Games begin!

Sunday Sessions at Cascade

Every Sunday afternoon from 2 - 4:30pm The Cascade Room is hosting local jazz trio's and duo's. This week it's the Lisa Miler Trio. What better way to spend a Valentine's Day afternoon?!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Want a romantic Valentine's afternoon?

Want a romantic Valentine's afternoon? Roast Beef & Yorkies, live jazz from Lisa Cay Miller Trio this Sunday from 2pm till 4.30pm

Watch the Olympic 2010 Opening Ceremonies at The Cascade Room

Don't have a ticket to the Opening Ceremonies? Neither do we! Join us from 4pm to watch the festivities. Let the Games begin!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What The #$@%?!!

Monday Night at The Cascade Room is Quiz Night. What the #!*@ is Quiz Night you ask? It’s a great way to spend a Monday night, that’s what it is.

Of course I would say that, because I’m your Quiz Mistress.

Q: Where did pub quizzes originate?

A: In the United Kingdom in the 1970s.

The Cascade quiz night began in homage to the great Pub Quiz in Britain and has turned into a “must-do” weekly event in Mount Pleasant.

Each quiz consists of three rounds of questions with ten questions in each round.

Q: What types of questions are asked?

A: General knowledge, Art, Literature, Science, Movies & TV, Geography and History, to name several. There is also a "Name that Tune" question and always photos to identify.

Naturally, there are always rules:

- Maximum 4 members per team (one point deduction per round for every player over)
- No cell phones
- Even if I'm wrong, I'm still right!!!

Prizes? Yes, there are prizes. Unlike in the UK, there is no Jackpot (believe me, it gets competitive enough without $$ being at stake). Instead, the money that you pay to join in (everyone pays $2) goes to local charities chosen by either the winning team or by another participating team. So far we have raised over $9600. As for the prize – the top team win a $25 gift certificate for The Cascade Room or our sister place next door, Habit Lounge and other incentives!

Come with some friends and show us how smart you are. You never know, you might win, or you might leave feeling really thick…either way, you’ll have a laugh.

Registration for Quiz Night starts at 6pm and the quiz starts at 7pm...give or take a few minutes. The next quiz is Monday, February 8th and the following quiz will be on Tuesday, February 16th.