Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Big Thank You to All Quizzers!

A Huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out for the Quiz of Champions last night! It was a great night and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Congratulations to our new champions, Shark! The Herald Angels Sing! They won after a tense tie break with sweeties, Another Mediocre Effort...did you know that the word f*ck is said 246 times in Goodfellas? Well, the winning team did! Well done you kids!

2nd place went to Not On Normal Courtyard Exercises, 3rd place to John Doe's Absurdly Relevant Something-or-Other and the coveted Booby Prize went to another of my favorite teams, Mah Dynasty!! Enjoy the board game kids!!

Last night's pot of $230 has been donated to the Portland Hotel Society:

We have now raised $5146.45 and $14,126.71 in total! Wow, I'm so thankful to all of you who have come out and supported this!!

Apologies to those who showed up and weren't able to play along...this was a special night for some special teams! You'll get your chance when we return on October 18th!

So farewell friends until October 18th!! Have a great few weeks and a great Thanksgiving!! Thanks for everything!

xo karen


  1. Good job to the winners! Karen you are the best "quiz mistress" out there. See you on the 18th....if I can find my thinking cap.

  2. I wish I had been there! As a former fundraiser, you have done a great thing for so many organizations! bravo! xo